The Perils of Hypnosis


This is so funny! I am working with a clinical hypnotherapist creating blog posts and conducting interviews and the like for her website. Each week I examine a particular area of her expertise and link topical news or new research to her work and each week I listen to one of the MP3s on her site … A few weeks ago I was listening to an MP3 all about coping with exam stress and how self-hypnosis is a particularly useful tool to help both with revision and with the examination process. As I tapped away on my Macbook I was listening to the MP3 and writing down the essence of her words. Then my children came charging into the room to eat their tea and so I shut the laptop and engaged them in conversation. Except I didn’t! I got crosser and crosser and more and more frustrated – then realised! I was hypnotised! I opened the laptop, forwarded the MP3 to the end to where the ‘wake up’ exercise was and played it. It was as though someone had blown a gust of fresh air over my face. My eyes pinged open and I burst out laughing.

It happened again today. One minute I was just checking that an introductory MP3 was in place and functioning on her site, the next I was taking five deep breaths and feeling myself drift away. Again, I managed to focus on the screen and fast forward to the ‘wake up’. Absolutely brilliant! Who would have thought a laptop and a voice could be so very, very, very … powerful … zzzzzzzzz


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