Facebook. Friend? Foe? Or life-sucking addiction?


This thought came to me as I was driving to an appointment today and realised that I hadn’t checked in on Facebook for a few hours (The site was in my mind as an online survey told me yesterday that I was 75% addicted to it – although I suspect that I downplayed my answers slightly). What would I have missed? Would the statuses keep on coming in my absence? Would people – and I think of this as my greatest fear and motivator – would people notice that I had disappeared off the face of the familiar blue and white interface and … dare I say it? Would they still love me if I wasn’t ‘liking’, ‘commenting’ and ‘poking’?

Facebook is a co-dependent’s dream. By co-dependent I mean someone who isn’t quite sure where they end and where others begin, someone who will smother friends with unasked for help and advice and someone who just – aiieee – just needs to be needed. Believe me when I say that I know of what I speak.

Today has been a busy day, two meetings by 11am, three by 4pm with half an article being completed, lunch eaten and five minutes with my kids squeezing in there too.

I. did. not. have. time. to. think. about. other. people. And do you know what? I got a helluva lot of work done. And the statuses kept on coming. So, someone has ‘broken their toe’, someone else has been ‘dancing around their kitchen to The Cure’, someone is ‘really very stressed actually’ … and I lived my day. Not through them, not advising or sympathising or even singing along (though I may do that now as I love The Cure!) but as me with all my time, energy and efforts being directed inwards not outwards.

There’s a lesson there.

What do you think?


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