The Heart Attack in a Glass


Written with Anne Morrison –

Imagine drinking down a whole can of Coke, imagine the rush from the sugar and the fizz and the caffeine. Now times that feeling by about ten and you have the latest drink craze to be hitting the shores of Los Angeles, the ‘PB & C’

Nicknamed the ‘Heart Attack in a Glass’ this heady concoction of super-premium chocolate ice cream, peanut butter and ‘heavy’ cream is proving to be quite a hit. The journalist Nick Allen, on assignment to review the drink for The Daily Telegraph, wrote that it had become a ‘taste sensation’ – all 24 oz or 2,010 calories of it – with a calorie count like that a woman’s RDA would be complete for an entire day.

So what is the attraction? The restaurant where it is served claims “You haven’t had a real shake until you’ve tried ours.” The people buying it are, according to the Venice Beach branch, “ … cyclists and runners who want to up their calorie content and also tourists who want a treat.”

Allen’s comment at the end of the piece in the Telegraph is very telling. After consuming 153 grams of sugar, the same as 30 chocolate chip cookies and the same amount of fat as you might find in 68 – yes 68 – rashers of bacon he writes, “It is indeed a very, very guilty pleasure … despite feeling slightly sick, I can’t wait for the next one.”

This is the draw of the high fat, high sugar laden food. Our bodies crave more and more of the sugar high or the high fat kick leading us to pile on the pounds without really realizing what is happening. While the ‘PB & C’ isn’t available in the UK (unless you wanted to make your own version) there are plenty of ways that we can fuel our addictions to the sweet stuff and these addictions can soon get out of control.

Eating food that makes us feel ‘high’ or that gives us a ‘hit’ in someway other than because it is healthy or nutritious can become a hard habit to break. We tend to lose sight of why we are eating what we are eating and also just how much of we are eating.

Foods that affect our senses in this way tend to be those that we know as ‘comfort foods’ and these foods can lead us to become emotional eaters, replacing happiness or trying to find happiness at the end of a bar of chocolate or a large bag of crisps.

If this is something that you struggle with then you might be interested to know that help is at hand. It isn’t a quick fix, it isn’t – at times – an easy fix but it will put you back in control of your eating habits so that you are able to resist the siren call of the biscuit tin – or the ‘Heart Attack in a Glass’.


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