I am happy to announce, I ‘get’ Twitter – thanks to #NEFollowers



It clicked about six weeks ago. After months of random witterings, Twitpics and retweets I finally began to see just how Twitter works – and exactly how powerful a medium it is. Ironic really, given that I have been giving people tutorials on social media for the last six months.

Local focus

I saw a question on the Mashable feed to Facebook recently which asked if anyone had ever got a job via social media. I wish they’d asked it today because the answer is a resounding yes. The MD of a new local venture asked for sales letters, I gave him sales letters – and a targeted email campaign. Twitter , it seems, works when you focus inwards. It’s great fun for following Stephen Fry – and his ‘Mrs’, and for chatting to people who you would never normally speak to (I’m on DM terms with the former head of the FDA in America, Dr. David A. Kessler, who wrote the amazing book ‘The End of Overeating’). That would never happen without Twitter. But when Twitter works, and I mean really WORKS, is when you look around you at the people in your region who might just need to know that you exist and use it to talk to them.


In the North East of England, where I live and work, there is a hashtag called #NEFollowers and it was this hashtag that was the Twitter breakthrough for me – all of a sudden I could see names that were familiar to me from about town, companies that I’d heard friends and clients talk about, people who lived and worked near where I live and work – and they were all connecting, networking, communicating.

North East Cuts

The news as I type this is all about how the new government’s cuts will affect the North East the most severely. I know, because everyone’s Tweeting about it. They’re Tweeting and they’re retweeting and they’re talking about it. Talking. You know? Like people used to do in the olden days. They’re joining together on Twitter in a powerful hum of voices that, if this continues, will drown out the naysayers and the doom mongers and will rise above the cuts in a joyful regional union of business people from all over the North East and from all walks of life. That’s got to be a good thing.

Thank you Twitter – and thank you to those who began #NEFollowers and today’s new Twitterbaby, #NECreatives

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One Response to “I am happy to announce, I ‘get’ Twitter – thanks to #NEFollowers”

  1. Good to hear other businesses getting business from Twitter: we’ve had a reasonable amount with minimal effort (well, it feels like minimal effort!).

    I think Twitter is a more personal social network than Facebook – I tend to add friends to Facebook I don’t talk to often, whereas on Twitter I add people I talk to more often (albeit online). This seems to be more effective for gaining business – people like me/us so we get work based on credibility (including Twitter-credibility).

    I’ve never been much of a fan of #NEFollowers, though just because, in my experience, it tends to be used to people who just want to sell, and don’t care about anything else. I think this is because ‘locals’ on Twitter are relatively new to social media and assume they can just ‘sell sell sell’, whereas Twitter needs a more informal approach.

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