How one woman can help you crack your chocolate habit.


Anne Morrison is a clinical and cognitive behaviour therapist. This is an extract from her blog which can be found at:

Anne’s Emotional Eating Course has been developed to help people to crack their cravings for comfort foods. Links to the course can be found within this post which is all about dieting, stress and the links that exist between our emotions and our eating habits.

The leaves are starting to turn, the mornings are getting darker and the school term has begun. As Keats said so beautifully in his poem, ‘To Autumn’,

We are entering the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness …’

But, instead of enjoying the ‘mellow fruitfulness’ of autumn, with the glut of blackberries and plums filling the shelves at the supermarkets, recent research by Tesco Diets has shown that people are already worrying about the fact that Christmas will soon be here and are starting to diet in preparation.

The supermarkets themselves are getting ready for the festive splurge with ‘Back to School’ items already being replaced with giant tins of Roses and Quality Street on ‘Buy one, Get one free’ offers, Swiss Chocolates and even festive beers on the shelves.

But, What about January?

The Tesco Diet research showed that people were 5% more likely to start to diet in September than in any other month of the year – including the traditional month of abstinence and gym memberships: January.

Does Christmas HAVE to equal an extra dress size?

Cast your mind back to last December. The shopping lists, the family feuds, the over-excited kids. Peeling the sprouts at 6am, defrosting the turkey under the hot tap. Cursing Nigella for looking ravishingly beautiful – and spotlessly clean – in cherry red cashmere as she iced the Christmas cake.

The stresses of the Christmas period can be enough to turn anyone to the fridge in search of solace (and, lets face it, the fridge is probably a better option than the drinks cabinet when it’s only 11am) but if the temptation to turn to food remains after the decorations have come down and the last walnut has been cracked then you may find yourself among the many people in the country who are emotional eaters .

Death by chocolate?

Emotional eating is not about food. It is not about greed. It is not about hunger. Emotional eating is about trying to numb a pain that just won’t go away. Chocolate, sweets, biscuits, cake, crisps, ice cream … all these food have either a high salt, high fat or a high sugar content which, to the stressed out soul, can feel like coming home. They aren’t called comfort foods for nothing.

Breaking the cycle

The trick to undoing the cycle of emotional eating:


1.     feel bad

2.     eat food to make self feel better

3.     feel better – for a while

4.     feel bad for eating food

5.     eat food to make self feel better

6.     feel better – for a while …

7.    Is to work out what the triggers are that make are making you feel bad in the first place, and then to work out a way of coping with those triggers.

A new way of life

Self hypnosis is not a quick fix. Self hypnosis won’t see the pounds fall from your waistline like lemmings leaping from a cliff but it will work. It will help you to break the destructive cycle of emotional eating and it will show you a new way of living your life, of coping with stress and of being you.

Prepare to be amazed.


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