10 Things That Make Me Happy – What Makes YOU happy?


Random loveliness … Please add your version.


  • The Guardian on Saturday.

After two years living in Singapore the delight of getting the full paper on the day it was printed is still a treat. And I love Lucy Mangan.

  • Twitter.

Because it does what it says on the tin, is free and keeps me company when I work late.

  • Thai food.

Because it is the food of the gods.

  • Pedro Almodovar.

Because he knows that Penelope Cruz is the new Audrey Hepburn and is to be adored.

  • Family.

Everything – with blood

  • Friends.

Everything – with cake/tea/wine and occasionally blood!

  • My camera.

Because the decisive moment is all.

  • Words.

Because they make the world go round and people like Murakami, Charlotte Bronte and Joseph Conrad make them look easy.

  • Japan.

Because everything is just so darn beautiful.

  • Hot water bottles.

Because having warm feet rocks.


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4 Responses to “10 Things That Make Me Happy – What Makes YOU happy?”

  1. 1 Cynthia Guy

    I loved reading this page it reminded me of days gone by.
    I think the best thing for me to make me feel happy is not having to live by the clock especially first thing in the morning.
    I hope you receive lots of nice comments because you certainly deserve it – I often look at your photographs as they ae superb.
    Keep up the good work.
    Lots of love C xxx

    • Thank you xxx

  2. Reading that the 10 things that makes you happy made me happy : )
    The most important things in life are not things…..
    Loved your snow photographs, my favourite is the one at night with the moon in the background.
    Hopefully see you soon x

    • Jules – a new thing that makes me happy is knowing how to take a photo of my phone screen! It stopped me from getting horribly lost in London last week so a big thank you to Lola for her iPhone genius! X

      Hope to see you too – maybe at The People’s Kitchen on Weds??

      K x x

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