There’s a Riot of Colour at Holy Biscuit this Week



'For the woman who likes to say hello'

The weather is promising blue skies and gardens full of blossoms. On the street the heavy leather boots of winter are giving way to colourful pumps and even the odd t-shirt. The colour is returning to our streets once again and no where is more colourful this week than the Holy Biscuit Gallery, for here women like Judith Frankland, fashion designer and all round 80’s legend and Anne Johnson, freelance textile and jewellery maker have come together to display the fruits of their labours under the curation of multi-media artist Sheelagh Peace.



The Eclectic Mix exhibition features statement jewellery by Northumberland painter and sculptress Susan Stanton whose work features semi precious Chinese stones like turquoise, coral, lapis and citrine. Art works on the walls by Tutu Benson, a recent graduate from the University of Sunderland, draw our attention to the constant connections that exist in creation with the vivid plumage of birds melding seamlessly into the ornate gown worn by a woman whose hands have turned into feathers like something from a Roald Dahl tale.



by Tutu Benson



Graphic urban images like ‘Ouseburn Perspective’ by Helen Moss make bold statements on the walls of the first gallery with strong 3D images giving a sense of light and space. Judith Frankland’s works catch the eye with their bold stripes, nipped in waists and exquisite tailoring. The illustrations that accompany her clothes, drawn by Manny More seem to move with the flow of the fabrics designed to be worn by the ‘woman who likes to say hello’.


by Helen Moss



Illustration by Manny More




Judith Frankland - detail


This exhibition is a fleeting display, like a flower that blooms once a year, and is made all the more beautiful for its temporary nature. The Eclectic Mix art and design show is open until April the 15th.



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