Beneath the sparkles something darker lies …

Dear Clare, the bi-annual human rights magazine by documentary photographer Claudia Janke was released last month. The magazine focuses on the exploitation of workers in the garment industry, using India as an example. The launch of the magazine and supporting photography exhibition coincided with London Fashion Week to raise awareness of the behind the scene reality of the fashion industry.
Behind the scenes of the clothing industry

Image © Claudia Janke

Photojournalist Claudia Janke says, “It is easy to get swept away by the glamour of Fashion Week and forget about the distinctly unglamorous circumstances that many of our clothes are made in, for example in developing countries like India where child labour is commonplace. While the spotlight is on fashion, we need to be thinking and acting on the too often ignored issues behind this massive industry, reflecting on the part we all play and how we can change things.”
Claudia Janke

Image © Claudia Janke

Central to the motivation behind Dear Clare is the empowerment of consumers. Janke says, “We all have the power to change things, if we believe that it is important. Dear Clare is here to bring people together and stimulate a process of communication between the consumer and the fashion labels, to get people to ask questions, and to give retailers feedback and let them know that we want them to change their ways. We can all make a choice: do we continue to ignore the origins of what we wear, even when we know the truth behind it, or do we take responsibility for the consequences of what we buy?”
Image © Claudia Janke

Image © Claudia Janke

Image © Claudia Janke

Image © Claudia Janke

Image © Claudia Janke

Image © Claudia Janke

Dear Clare is available in cafes, bars and shops in Islington and Hackney and online at Further information on the garment industry and consumer action is accessible online, including articles and links, petitions, pressure groups, lists of responsible fashion brands and ethical fashion websites. Visitors can also leave a message to their chosen retailer to be passed on by Dear Clare.
A PDF of the magazine can be found here Dear Clare by Claudia Janke
Claudia Janke
+44 (0)7971 253 761
Many thanks to Claudia for allowing me to reproduce her beautiful and thought provoking work here.

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