Martin Boyce wins the Turner Prize 2011


A cheer rose and filled the first floor gallery at Baltic last night as Mario Testino announced the winner of the Turner Prize 2011 – Scottish sculptor Martin Boyce.

Director of Baltic, Godfrey Worsdale introduces the evening

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate

Mario Testino awards Martin Boyce the Turner Prize 2011

Boyce’s work is, in his own words, ‘a peculiar landscape’ that ‘plays nature against architecture’. On display at Baltic are seemingly familiar objects – a wooden library table, leaves scattered on the ground and a patterned ventilation grid built into the wall – objects that have been created to evoke memories and impulses that ‘begin to function almost like a soundtrack … to play with you in ways you’re not expecting.’

Interviewed by the BBC about his work Boyce said, ‘It’s all about landscape … the psychology of landscape, the physical landscape and the built environment. The things that we pass through everyday and then occasionally catch a glimpse of and maybe see something that has a meaningful resonance. I guess the work is to maybe sort of amplify those moments.’

Stepping up onto the stage to receive the £25,000 prize a shocked and delighted Boyce said:

‘Well, I didn’t expect that! It’s been a brilliant year – all I wanted to do was to go to art school and I went there and there was the most amazing group of people waiting for me – most of them are here in this room and they have been an amazingly supportive peer group. It has been a great honour to go through it all with them.’

Most of Boyce’s work since 2005 has been influenced by an image of four concrete trees by the artists Jan and Joel Martel which completely fascinated him.

‘If the trees were made of concrete what were the leaves made of – and what happening in the autumn? Did fragments of concrete fall from the trees?’

Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

The Turner Prize is at Baltic until January 8th 2012.




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