This Underwood Typewriter is Sew Beautiful


It’s funny how your loves and passions get known about the place. Mel Gibson isn’t the only person to have a bit of a thing going for typewriters. The fashion photographer Perou recently tweeted a photo of a beautiful machine that he’d found on eBay and last month I had a long and involved chat with North East graphic and web designer Belinda White from Arttia about the joyous solidity of an old keyboard and the indestructible nature of typewriters.

Toni Hardy is a student at the Leeds College of Art where she is studying printed textiles and surface design. She has an interest in handcraft and traditional technique and in spending time creating pieces that are ‘one of a kind’. Toni’s Underwood typewriter is far from indestructible. It is delicate and exquisite and, and, and… is one of a series of her embroidery art inspired by beauty, function and a love of antiques.

Underwood 2

Other pieces in the series are inspired by pocket watches and cameras. Each piece is hand stitched onto a cotton background in a continuous line style and framed in a wooden embroidery hoop.

If you look closely you can see the word ‘WORDPLAY’ spelt out in the stitching.

The Underwood Typewriter by Toni Hardy

You can connect with Toni at @dotinthei


Huge thanks to Ian Robb for thinking ‘typewriter = Wildman’.

: D


2 Responses to “This Underwood Typewriter is Sew Beautiful”

  1. 1 sara

    A beautiful piece of embroidery

    • Isn’t it just? She is so clever! (and patient!)
      Thank you for commenting –

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